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What Makes Perky Rooster Coffee Special?

What Makes Perky Rooster Coffee Special?

When it comes to great tasting coffee, quality and freshness are everything! We carefully select the finest gourmet-quality coffee from the most reputable farms around the world ensuring only the highest quality beans go into our bags. 

What Is Specialty Coffee?

According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America, “specialty coffee” is coffee that scores higher than 80 points on a 100 point scale with fewer than 5 “defects” per 12 ounces. This grading makes it the purest class of coffee beans available.

Specialty coffees are only found in specific “micro climates”—small climate pockets where the conditions are just right for growing coffee beans. Each of these specialty coffees feature a distinctive flavor profile and is grown in only a handful of locations around the world. You won’t find these specialty coffees at your supermarket or even at Starbucks!

Even though these coffees are rare, we make them readily available to anyone through our website. Our coffees are roasted at facilities that are certified and FDA compliant and include organic and fair trade varieties.

Freshness Equals Flavor

There’s nothing better than a great cup of coffee—taking that first sip, rolling it across your tongue and relishing the robust flavor and subtle notes of citrus, cocoa, or caramel. You don’t get this kind of flavor from stale coffee. Coffee you buy at the grocery store or even Starbucks is often months or weeks old. Over time coffee loses some of its richness and flavor. That’s why we commit to shipping your coffee to you the same day it’s roasted, ensuring maximum freshness and flavor when it reaches your door.