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Swiss Water Processed Decaf—The Healthy Choice

Swiss Water Processed Decaf—The Healthy Choice

Our Perky Rooster single-sourced Peru Decaf is tastier and healthier than many decaffeinated coffees due to the way it’s processed. The Swiss Water Process is a natural, chemical-free decaffeination method that removes caffeine in four simple steps: separation, filtration, soaking, and drying. The result is a coffee that is 99% caffeine-free, that retains it’s flavor, and still contains all of the coffee’s health-boosting antioxidants.

The Process

The Swiss Water Process was developed in the 1930s in an effort to find a way to extract caffeine from raw coffee beans as naturally as possible while retaining the coffee’s inherent flavor and character. Here are the steps:

1. Separation—Raw coffee beans are soaked in scalding hot water, separating the caffeine from the beans.

2. Filtration—Once the beans are soaked, the resulting water is filtered through porous charcoal which traps the caffeine molecules resulting in a caffeine-free, flavorless, green coffee bean extract.

3. Soaking—A new batch of green coffee beans is soaked in the extract from step 2. Soaking the new beans in the extract pulls the caffeine out of the new beans while infusing them with the rich flavor of the original beans. The resulting extract is once again filtered through charcoal and set aside to be used for future batches.

4. Drying—The treated beans are left to dry. Once dried, they are ready to be roasted and brewed.

The Health Benefits

Other de-caffeinating methods use harmful chemicals solvents like methylene chloride and ethyl acetate to extract the caffeine. Unfortunately, these methods not only strip the beans of caffeine but also the natural oils, antioxidants, and flavor, resulting in drier beans. The Swiss method ensures not only a better tasting cup of coffee but retains all the health benefits inherent in natural coffee beans.