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How to Keep Coffee Fresh

How to Keep Coffee Fresh

At Perky Rooster coffee is always fresh. In fact, we believe there is no fresher coffee available online because it’s shipped to you the same day it’s roasted! But if you can’t use it right away, what are the best ways to keep it fresh? Fortunately, coffee is not a type of food that goes bad—but it can lose freshness over time and that can diminish some of its flavor. Whole beans stay fresh longer than ground coffee so it’s always best to buy coffee beans and grind them just prior to brewing, but if you prefer the convenience of ground coffee, there are a few ways to ensure it stays fresh longer.

How Long Do Coffee Beans Stay Fresh?

Coffee beans stay fresh longer than ground coffee but they don’t stay fresh forever. Coffee beans go through a de-gassing process to release carbon dioxide. You may notice that our coffee packages have a small hole. That’s to allow carbon dioxide to escape, but as the coffee releases carbon dioxide, it takes on oxygen. As it absorbs oxygen, it loses it’s fresh flavor. We recommend using your coffee beans within 2-3 weeks of purchase in order to enjoy them to the fullest.

How Long Does Ground Coffee Stay Fresh?

Because more surface area is exposed to the air, ground coffee de-gasses more quickly than whole beans. It only takes about a week for ground coffee to start losing its freshness. Ground coffee is always best when used within one or two weeks of purchase. Consider taking advantage of Perky Rooster’s subscription service to have fresh coffee delivered to you every two weeks.

Should You Store Your Coffee in the Fridge?

Many people believe storing coffee in the refrigerator is a good way to keep it fresh, but it can actually ruin it. Coffee, whether whole beans or ground, is porous and can easily absorb odors. Storing coffee in the refrigerator along with fish, onions, or other foods can cause them to absorb those odors. Also, cold conditions can actually cause your coffee to age more quickly because condensation can accelerate the oxidation process. 

A Few Ways to Ensure Your Coffee Stays Fresh Longer

• Store it in a cool, dry place to avoid exposure to moisture, heat, and air.

• Store your coffee in a container that is made of material that won’t react with the coffee. Storing it in its original container is fine. If you choose to store it in a different container be sure to choose one that is air-tight and of a material that won’t react with coffee. Good choices are ceramic or stainless steel. Avoid glass containers. While they are non-reactive they expose the coffee to light and heat which can cause it to lose freshness and flavor quickly.

• Only buy enough coffee to last a week or two. Buying in smaller quantities will go a long way to ensuring that your coffee is always fresh and flavorful.